Residence Progresso also cares about the less fortunate.

In fact, acting upon a proposal of the Associazione Jesolana Albergatori (Jesolo’s Association of Hoteliers), Residence Progresso has adhered to the Jesolo Spiaggia Etica (Jesolo Ethical Beach) project since its creation in 2011.

In a time when it is difficult to find the funds needed to sustain charitable initiatives, Residence Progresso—together with other hotels in the Lido—has put itself on the front lines to promote this cause: every day, our structure asks its guests for a small, voluntary contribution of 1 euro in order to support the Jesolo Spiaggia Etica project, which then turns over the proceeds each year to associations dedicated to helping the neediest.

To call to your attention a few figures:

In 2001, more than 8,000 euros of donations were collected; in 2012, more than 12,000 euro!

In the last two years, the proceeds have been specifically used for the crucial purchase of innovative Job chairs:  Chairs with large, floating wheels, which allow those with movement difficulties to enjoy the sea and move around in freedom.  

Help us to help!

Jesolo 4 All

Jesolo 4 All is a certification attesting to the fact that Residence Progresso is accessible to the disabled, who will be able to enjoy their holidays in Jesolo in complete tranquility.